Senseless Descent

“All around us are cliffs, look it might hurt…
But if you hold my hand
You’ll feel like you’re flying”

The slight drizzle tapping her hands, flooded her mind with the realization of the urgency of the situation. Hanging mid-air with her hands gripping the ledge as hard as she could, she found herself frozen, both mentally and physically. “Just let go! I’ll catch you!” said a voice, normally comforting to her, but it was quite the opposite in the moment. She could tell there was no time for waiting but that was all that she felt she could do. 

“Jump on three and fall
One, two, three, hold your breath and fall”

Though the storm neared closer and closer, she felt herself being slowly dragged farther and farther from safety. From below she could hear her partner, “Hurry! Jump on three there’s no time!” She was confident in his sincerity, just not his abilities. Losing grip and hope, her mind could not think up any other solution to safety, yet she couldn’t bring herself to let go. 

“But if you look in my eyes
You’ll feel like you are
A star in the night sky”

The final minutes were nearing and a decision needed to be made quick. Breathing in and out, she tried to calm herself down as the rain slid between her fingers, causing them to slip, one… by… one… All she could hear in the moment was the pitter patter of the rain and the aggressive winds, rushing in and out of her ears. Truly realizing that her only option was to jump to him, she closed her eyes, took one last breath, and let go. Crashing into the rigid, rough rocks, laying in shock, now aware that she had kept him waiting too long, she saw his distant figure, running off in fear of the storm that had now swept her over, until the rain covered her eyes and they shut. 

That simple breakup
Gave me a tough question
Tested me without a clue
Like a fool

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