A Chat With The Moon

“Just want to be carefree Lately, just kicking up daisies, just tripping on day dreams.”

A cosmos of grandeur all to my own,

and yet I stand here all alone.

I can feel the planet twist,

the stars blurring past like fireflies,

and city lights fading in the distance.

I close my eyes, and stand perfectly still.

The only thing tethered to me, 

is the moon, fixed in place.

He’s a rather considerate friend to wait for me each night.

We talk for hours, under the charcoal sky as the moonlight’s pearlescent glow illuminates the world below.

I try to forget what brought me here,

I wish I could forget…

I wish I could have changed…

I wish I could have done better…

I wish…

I wish I wasn’t alone.

And he listens.

“I met a girl with a porcelain name, easy to talk to but hard to explain”

 said one day, talking with the moon,

the words fumbling from my mouth. I couldn’t quite put into words my excitement and I still can’t.

My heart skipped and danced like fireflies.

I felt like the world had stopped spinning.

I felt like I could finally breathe…

Like I was drowning all this time.

Then, one night, I forgot to greet the moon.

And another night.

And another.

Until I forgot him entirely.

So caught up in my newly found ignorant bliss, I neglected to find time for him and my cosmos began to fade. The stars that once whizzed and streaked like fireflies dissipated. The city lights ceased to turn on. And the planet I loved so dearly began to darken.

 began drowning again.

The suffocating pressure of a dying world began pushing down on me.

Unlike Atlas, I was no god, and I could no longer carry the sky with my own two hands.

In my final moments of desperation I reached out,

But she was long gone…

The world was dark and silent.

What was once blooming with ideas and futures and imagination, now was barren and empty.

The sky echoed this.

Empty, except for one thing…

The moon…

He had waited patiently all this time.

I was glad to see him again.

I now looked upon him without regret and sorrow. I accepted it.

It was finally time to rebuild my world.

“And everyone will say that it was all finished years ago, but you will stay and you won’t ever let it go”

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