Julius Caesar

Reason 1 – In freshman year most of the students at FVHS had to read a few books during the school year. One of these books was The Odyssey by Homer. It’s a story about Odysseus and his journey to find his father so he can return to power. He also does this so the suitors won’t marry his mother and gain power. This story is similar to Julius Caesar because the suitors try to kill Odysseus so they gain power over the kingdom. Just like how the senators kill Caesar so he doesn’t gain too much power

Reason 2 – Shakespeare is known as the greatest playwright ever. He had a way of finding just the right words to put into his plays, and when he couldn’t find a word that would fit in his play, he would create a completely new word to match the description. He would create these characters that each had their own unique personality, with unique skill sets, behaviors, strengths and weaknesses. Another thing that made his stories so likeable were that they had universal appeal. Every culture and nation has some relation to these stories. The love of Romeo and Juliet is just as relevant in the modern world—with its racial, ethnic, and class divisions that set family against family

Reason 3 – Personally, I didn’t know that much about Julius Caesar when I started reading it. I have heard a few things about it but I have never had the opportunity to sit down and read it. After reading it I realized that it is actually a good book. In short, it is about Julius Caesar and how he is the ruler of Rome at the time. A few senators conspired against him because they thought that he was gaining too much power. These people kill him and continue ruling rome. However, one of Caesar’s friends knew that the senators killed Caesar and he turned the citizens against the senators. It’s a great book and the images that it shows really help give a better description of what’s happening.

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