Adulthood Is a Myth

Nobody likes the unrealistic expectations society has for students like us, when we grow up. I am Daemonium and I love all things art. The concept and immersive ability of something as simple as a comic is indescribably palpable, at least to me. With each stroke or line made just for the viewing that can be brutal, comedic, or a light depth, the story told by Sarah Andersen is sure to leave you satisfied.

Scrolling through the library and browsing each comic and graphic novel was a pleasure in itself, but as I landed my eyes upon the simple art style of Adulthood Is a Myth, I knew I should give it a try. Throughout the story, the main character portrays herself and her life in a whimsical sort of fashion, relating to the sense of familiarity with the audience. Everyone grows up with some sort of expectations, and this comic offsets those expectations in order to truly show the viewer the joys of being older without growing up. The unnecessary stress and anxiety is thrown out the window as our protagonist shows how she deals with certain problems and situations.

The first time I read this comic, I was so absorbed into the story and her life I had not realized I finished the comic so quickly. It left a sort of uncomforting and dissatisfaction in reading it so fast, so I suggest taking it easy as you read through the short paneled story of her life. Each part of the story unfolds and turns something so controversial into a simple problem with an even simpler solution. If the world is a tangled mess of overthinking, the book is what unravels each thread with ease and leaves you with the feeling of utmost satisfaction.

If you are looking for a quick read with a light hearted lead and a non ordered story, this comic is the perfect for you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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