Attack on Titan

Pathos: Have you ever felt like life is oppressive? Unfair? Have you ever felt like society is tying you down and preventing you from giving your all? Have you ever felt like life only ever targets you? Then I recommend reading Attack on Titan. This manga is mainly known for the serious topics that it covers such as corrupt government , unfairness in society, death, etc.. Although while I was reading through this manga, I found topics that I can relate to as a high school students. While reading this manga, I came to the realization that everyone has some issue that they have to face and it’s not just me that is dealing with problems. This story also helped me understand the importance of friends. The main character, Eren, was able to improve due to his urge to protect his family and friends. The story also shows emotional struggle and how much it can affect a person’s performance and attitude. Overall, one of the many reasons why I love this manga is because of all the ways that I managed to connect with it.

Logos: There are many things that are similar to Attack On Titan that you might be familiar with. If you are still debating on whether or not this manga is worth reading, this might help you out. Do you like Jujutsu Kaisen? Both mangas have more in similar than you might think. Corrupt hierarchy, fighting for the sake of humanity, loss of friendship, and manipulation. If you read or watched Jujutsu Kaisen and are looking for some kind of replica, Attack On Titan might be a good option for you.

Repetition: As I mentioned before, one of the reasons why I enjoyed Attack On Titan was because I was able to connect with it. One of the main concepts I was able to connect with was failure to achieve a goal. This manga showed repetition of a certain tasks until success while showing us all the failures. An Example would be at the beginning of the manga when the main character Eren was trying to transform into a titan but kept failing. Another example would be a failed Scouts expedition. Although, the plot of the story shows how all the failures and hard work pay off at some point in the future. This helped me realize that my failures are not total failures. That I eventually learned something even if I don’t realize it right away. Also, the manga shows the failures of everyone. Not just one person. This helps show that when it feels like you are the only person messing up in life, you are not alone. People fail all the time and it is a process of learning.

I highly recommend giving Attack on Titan a chance as it is a show with great plot and connection to real life issues.

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